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Autogenerated Administration for Hibernate Models


1. Sphene's Hibernate Autoadmin

Sphene's Hibernate Autoadmin is a simple web application which generates a web based administration interface for any hibernate model on-the-fly with minimal (if any) configuration.

All that is needed to do by the user is to put the hibernate configuration file as well as the models into the classpath and tell the autoadmin where/how to find it.

The idea (and layout/html of the admin interface) is borrowed from Django - One of the best (python) web frameworks / templating engine / ORM and more - which includes a feature rich auto generated admin interface for it's ORM.

2. Example

You can see it in action at: http://sphene.net:8080/HibernateAutoAdmin/ (Username/Password: demo/demo)

3. Work In Progress

Sphene's Hibernate Autoadmin is still pretty much work in progress and not much more than a proof of concept. Please write some feedback into the Forums if you are interested into this project and what you think about it / what features you would like to see, otherwise i'll probably stall development when my current needs are fulfilled ;)

Things that already work are:

4. News

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